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Food Proccessing Solutions
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No job is too challenging for RBW Manufacturing. Fusion Tech was frustrated in their quest to find welding shops to partner with for outsourcing welding orders. A gross lack of neglect for details combined with a low quality Fusion Tech reached out to RBW Manufacturing for Oven Trucks. The RBW shop accepted the challenge and produced santized, high quality stainless steel carts that impressed Fusion Tech. With a standing order for more, RBW Manufacturing is happy to partner Fsion Tech to create the high quality food grade Oven Trucks.
Pole Barn Trusses
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No job is too big for RBW Manufacturing. RBW Manufacutring works with clients for many different custom roof trusses for all kinds of assorted buildings, including welding a 40 foot wide monoslope hay barn for a ranch in Wyoming. The barn was an octagonal building for an enclosed round pen. The client was pleased with the end product and it was a wonderfully challenging project for the welding team at RBW. It’s not often a rancher builds a second barn of this magnitude, but our client was so pleased he indicated he would contact us as soon as the new plans were drafted.
Custom Ag Equipment
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No job is too small for RBW Manufacturing. When a farmer needs a specification for their equipment or custom fuel tanks they turn to the most reliable welder in the Midwest. The RBW shop is often designing creative solutions to support farmers and ag industry customers. From Livestock panels, to fuel tanks, to bunk brackets, RBW Manufacturing is skilled to customize any metal product. Supporting farmers is something RBW is passionate about and building the tools that help the people who feed America is some of their favorite products.

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